In the summer of 2023, MaaQef had the opportunity to welcome Dr. Hamrawit Tesfa as a guest speaker for our virtual Leadership meeting. Dr. Hamrawit, with her role as a community specialist at Montgomery College in Maryland, brought forward her insights and experiences that span across various critical areas of community development and support.

Dr. Hamrawit’s discussion was rooted in her substantial experience in community engagement and youth involvement. She emphasized the importance of creating spaces where young people can engage in meaningful activities, highlighting how tutorial and mentorship programs can serve as powerful tools for personal and academic growth. Her approach to these topics was practical, drawing on examples and strategies that have shown real-world effectiveness.

Another significant aspect of her presentation focused on the dynamics of parent-child relationships. Dr. Hamrawit shared her perspectives on fostering stronger bonds between parents and children, stressing the value of open communication and mutual understanding. She offered guidance on how parents can become more involved in their children’s education and overall well-being, which resonated well with our audience.

Throughout her talk, Dr. Hamrawit underscored the importance of community involvement in educational initiatives. She illustrated how communities could play a pivotal role in supporting both students and educators, thereby enhancing the educational landscape. Her insights into community-based approaches to education and support mechanisms provided a comprehensive overview of how various stakeholders can contribute to positive outcomes.

Dr. Hamrawit’s expertise and practical advice were not only informative but also inspiring. Her ability to connect theory with practice offered our leadership team and attendees valuable perspectives on enhancing community engagement, youth mentorship, and educational support systems.

The session with Dr. Hamrawit Tesfa was a reflective and informative one, leaving us with actionable insights and a deeper understanding of the intricate relationship between community support and educational success. Her contribution to the MaaQef Leadership meeting underscored the significance of collective efforts in nurturing and empowering communities, especially in the context of education and youth development.